To commemorate its 50th Anniversary, Nakeʻu Awai Designs is excited to introduce Nakeʻu Awai Designs Gold Label.

Gold Label pieces are designed in Hawaiʻi and produced in Los Angeles, California, bringing consumers additional styles that add to its signature Aloha Wear collection.

“Nake‘u’s dream is to further expand Hawai‘i’s garment manufacturing infrastructure and capabilities,” says Keane Akao, Chief Operating Officer at Nakeʻu Awai Designs. “Until then, Gold Label allows us to push the boundaries of our designs, expand our offerings, and broaden our connections with manufacturers and vendors.”

Nakeʻu Awai Designs is partnering with Robert Kaufman Fabrics in its release of the first Gold Label pieces: women’s midrise jeans featuring two iconic prints:

  • Gardenia
  • ʻIwaʻiwa Maiden Hair Fern

Nakeʻu Awai Designs signature Aloha Wear collection will continue to be designed and manufactured locally, continuing its investment in Hawai‘i-based manufacturing.

March 20, 2023 — Keane Akao